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In 2016 we started our journey around the world to find the best coffee to suit every kind of morning. 
In our adventure across the 7 seas we’ve had the chance to experience the most unique types of coffee, from the hills of Colombia to the vast farms of Australia. 
After 3 years of countless tastes and stories, we settled for a 1 of a kind blend of carefully picked beans from all over the wold, precisely roasted in our partner roastery in Florence. As this blend helped us bootstrap our dreams, we call it “Kik-off” and it can be found all year round in our coffe shops. 
You will also find a variety of always changing single origin coffee from 1 of the host farms we’ve met through our journey.
We believe everybody should afford a good coffe and those beans should come from sustainable sources, supporting the environment and the local communities, who at the beginning of the day are our heros.
Specilty coffee in Timisoara
Timisoara specialty coffee
Cafea de specialitate in timisoara
Cafea de origine Timisoara
Cafenea Timisoara

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